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What is Patient Engagement?

Our patient engagement takes many forms; this allows us to ensure our engagement and involvement is accessible and inclusive to everyone who uses our services.

Basically though we want our patient engagement and involvement to allow people who use our services to be able to share their experiences and views to be heard and make real, sustainable changes to our services.

We offer a variety of ways for patients to get involved in sharing their views.  You can find more in the 'how we do it'.

How we do it...

We recognise that a single approach does not allow us to capture all patient voices, thoughts or comments.  We regularly try and test new methods to engage a greater number of different patients. We engage our patients through the standard annual patient survey, the friends and family test and our comments cards.  Alongside this we have active groups of patient members.  These could be through our Patient Participation and Service User Groups (PPSUG) or it could be through one of our groups such as our patient reader group.

Why we do it...

We know from experience that our patients who use services are the true experts on how those services, pathways and their care should be developed and delivered.

Our patients know exactly what they need, what works well, how things should be delivered and what improvements need to be made.

A key part of this is making sure that people who are hard to reach become involved, that every individual has an opportunity to have their say. There’s no doubt that this is a challenge, but through our varying methods we believe we can capture most individuals thoughts, opinions and views.

By ensuring we are listening to our patients we can empower them to improve and own services which leads to greater effectiveness within the service itself creating fully inclusive and needs led services.

Want to get involved...

We want all our patients to get involved in their services.  This can be via our virtual groups, through our sessions in our centres and through our other community activities.

If you want to know more use our contact us page and we will be back in touch.