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Welcome to our new website..!!

OneMedicalGroup is now well in to its tenth year and to continue our celebrations of a whole decade of delivering innovative solution for Primary Care we are delighted to unveil our brand new website. It’s been a long time in the making but we thought it was finally time to retire our old sites and amalgamate all our expertise under this one, very colourful roof. 

So what’s new?

The biggest change is that we have now have just one site which pulls together all of the diverse services our Group offers. To make the site simple to navigate we have separated it out in to four main sections OneMedicalGroup, Care, Property and Engagement. 


This is the homepage for the whole website which navigates to all of the services we offer as a Group. It is also a great place to gain a bit more insight in to who we are, why we do what we do and how you can join our team. 


This section of the site has been specially developed to tell our patients everything they need to know about the care services we deliver. Whether you’re looking to register with a GP practice, trying to find a walk in service or wanting to order a repeat prescription, this section has everything you need to make accessing care that little bit easier. We’ve even developed a nifty little symptom checker to help you save time when deciding which service is right for you.


This section of the site is dedicated to telling you everything you need to know about the property side of our business. Whether you’re looking for a whole new building or to reinvigorate your existing premises our team is on hand to help you create the perfect environment for care which is tailored to meet the needs of you, your staff and your patients. 


As a Group we are committed to developing our services, both care and property, to meet the needs of our patients, commissioners and communities. The best way we have found to do this is by engaging with our stakeholders and using their feedback to challenge traditional ways of thinking and re-shape our services to better suit those who use them.   

This site is a fantastic platform for us to build on as we aim to continue to develop our service so please have a look around and if you notice something that we haven’t already thought of then send your suggestions to our team via our contact us page and we’ll see what we can do. 

Our Story

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Our video tells the story of our decade of Innovation and and captures all the milestones in our journey to date. Just click on play to watch Our Story,